Privacy Policy

Last updated: September 18th, 2021

CodeSnack IDE collects

When interacting with CodeSnack IDE you may submit the following information for storage on our servers:

- Code written in the CodeSnack IDE application

- A short description of the code and name of the file

- Information about the in-app subscription plan

Personal data, such as Email or login name stored in Google Firebase service (compliant with EU-US Privacy Shield) and newer disclosed to third parties.

Sharing data with third parties

We do use the services of the following external data processors, although, once again, we do not collect or store personal data.

- Amazon Web Services (application hosting, DNS, caching, and security)

- Google Firebase (data storage and analytics)

- Sentry and Log Rocket (error reporting)

Each of these third-party data processors must only process your personal data in compliance with our privacy policy.

These data processors also must sufficiently safeguard data we send to them.

All of these external data processors are based in the United States.

Google Firebase and Amazon Web Services are certified compliant with EU-US Privacy Shield.

Our database is located in the state of Oregon, USA. Our web server is in the state of N. Virginia, USA.

Changes to this policy

We may change this privacy policy. Whenever a new user comes to CodeSnack IDE they are prompted to accept our terms of service and privacy policy before using the service.

If you have already accepted this policy, you will be prompted to accept it again when it changes.

We will also always include a summary of what has changed in the new version of the terms of service and privacy policy going forward.